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Sunshine desert tents is a popular destination known as a Merzouga Desert Camp located in the southeastern part of Morocco, near the village of Merzouga. It is situated on the edge of the Sahara Desert, known for its iconic towering sand dunes, including the famous Erg Chebbi dunes

Our Merzouga Desert Camp offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and tranquility of the desert. The camp consists of a collection of traditional Berber-style tents, equipped with basic amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. These tents are usually arranged in a small village-like setting, creating a cozy and authentic atmosphere.

Our Guests can engage in a variety of activities and experiences. One of the most popular activities is camel trekking, where you ride a camel across the dunes, enjoying the stunning views of the desert landscape. Sunset and sunrise camel rides.

visitors can also partake in sandboarding, which involves gliding down the dunes on a board similar to snowboarding. The camp also offers cultural experiences, such as traditional music performances, drum circles, and the chance to witness the unique customs and traditions of the local Berber people.


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Staying at Sunshine Desert tents provides a chance to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the desert and live a real Merzouga Desert Camp experience. The night skies in the desert are awe-inspiring, with thousands of stars visible due to the lack of light pollution. Visitors can spend the evening stargazing and enjoying a traditional Moroccan dinner around a campfire at our Merzouga Desert Camp.


We offer a variety of Of tents Where you can enjoy and feel the tranquility of Merzouga Desert.

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With several years of experience, our desert camp in Merzouga promises an exceptional and unforgettable adventure in the Sahara Desert.And best Tours In morocco 

Our team of seasoned professionals is passionate about showcasing the very best that Merzouga has to offer. With their extensive knowledge and local expertise, We will craft a personalized itinerary that perfectly matches your preferences, ensuring a truly authentic and immersive Desert experience.

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Welcome to our  desert camps in Merzouga, where an extraordinary adventure awaits you amidst the stunning Sahara Desert. Our camp offers an unparalleled experience, blending comfort, tranquility, and the raw beauty of the desert

Desert activities

In Merzouga, the heart of the Sahara Desert, a myriad of captivating activities awaits you to try in Merzouga Desert. Immerse yourself in the desert landscape and indulge in these thrilling experiences:

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Discover the enchanting country of Morocco with our captivating tours that will immerse you in its rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse landscapes. Whether you’re seeking a cultural exploration, an adventure in the Atlas Mountains, or a journey through the ancient cities, we have the perfect Morocco tour for you.

Merzouga Desert Camp


Merzouga Desert, also known as Erg Chebbi, is a renowned desert tour and camel trek location in Morocco. The desert, which is located in the southeastern portion of the country near the town of Merzouga, is known for its spectacular sand dunes, huge vistas, and the opportunity to experience traditional Berber culture.There are numerous Merzouga Desert trips available, depending on your tastes and the length of your visit. Here are some examples of popular tour types:


Camel Trekking: The most common way to explore the desert is by camel. Tours often begin at Merzouga, where you will meet us at our hotel. You’ll next enjoy a camel ride deep into the desert, where you’ll be able to experience the tranquility and beauty of the dunes. Many itineraries include overnight stays in traditional Berber desert camps, where you can sample local cuisine and listen to traditional music. 

4×4 Desert Tours in Merzouga: If you prefer a more brisk pace or have limited time, a 4×4 desert trip in Merzouga is an excellent choice. These trips involve riding in a 4×4 vehicle with an expert driver who will take you on a desert adventure. You’ll be able to explore new locations, see nomadic villages, and take in spectacular panoramic vistas.


Tours that incorporate both camel trekking and 4×4 excursions are available from several tour providers. These tours offer a complete experience, allowing you to enjoy the camel ride as well as explore the nearby surroundings in a 4×4.

Sunrise/Sunset Tours: In Merzouga, watching the sunrise or sunset over the desert dunes is a beautiful experience. Many tour companies provide sunrise and sunset trips where you can see the shifting colors of the sky and dunes. These trips frequently involve camel rides to selected spots where you may admire the sunrise or sunset.


Merzouga Desert Camping: If you want a more immersive experience, go on a desert camping excursion. Camel trekking to a distant desert camp where you will spend the night is generally included in these itineraries. The camps are frequently outfitted with comfortable tents, bedding, and other amenities. During your overnight stay, you can enjoy traditional Berber dishes, music, and stargazing.

Visits to Nomadic Families  may be included in some trips, allowing you to learn about the local culture and way of life. Interact with the friendly folks, observe their traditional crafts, and learn about their customs and traditions.


Sandboarding and Quad Biking in Merzouga: If you’re looking for some excitement, numerous tour operators offer desert sports like as sandboarding and quad biking. Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding in that it includes sliding down sand dunes on a board. Riding a four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle, quad biking allows you to explore the desert Of Merzouga at a faster rate.

Photography Tours in Merzouga: With its beautiful scenery, dunes, and changing light conditions, the Merzouga Desert is a photographer’s dream. Some tour operators specialize in photography trips, directing you to the ideal locations for photographing breathtaking desert panoramas. They offer suggestions and tactics to assist you in capturing remarkable photos.


Customized/Private Tours: If you have specific preferences or a constrained timetable, customized or private tours are an option. These tours can be personalized to your specific interests, allowing you to select the duration, activities, and lodgings that are most appropriate for you. Private  Desert excursions offer a more personalized experience as well as greater flexibility in your agenda.