Camel trekking In Merzouga Desert

Sunrise camel trek in Merzouga Desert :

camel trekking in the Merzouga Desert

camel trip in the sahara

A sunrise camel trek in the Merzouga Desert is a popular and enchanting activity in Morocco’s Sahara Desert. Renowned for its magnificent sand dunes, Merzouga offers a magical setting where you can experience the desert’s serene colors and peacefulness as the sun emerges over the horizon.

To embark on a sunrise camel trek in Merzouga, you’ll typically start early in the morning, before dawn, to reach a vantage point where you can witness the sunrise. Accompanied by an experienced camel guide, you’ll navigate through the dunes, following the lead of your trusty camel companion.

The duration of the trek can vary depending on the specific tour you choose, but it usually lasts for about one to two hours. As you leisurely ride on the back of your camel, you’ll soak in the tranquility and beauty of the desert. Upon reaching the designated sunrise location, you’ll have the option to dismount and choose a cozy spot to sit or stand.

As the sun begins to rise, the sky undergoes a stunning transformation of colors, shifting from pinkish and purple hues to fiery orange and yellow tones. This breathtaking spectacle will leave an indelible impression on your memory, creating unforgettable moments during your visit to Morocco.

A sunrise camel trek in Merzouga offers a unique opportunity to connect with the tranquility of the desert, witness the natural beauty of the dunes, and create lasting memories of your visit to Morocco.

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camel trekking in the Merzouga Desert
3 days tour from errachidia to Merzouga

Sunset camel Trek in Merzouga Desert :

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A sunset camel trek in the Merzouga Desert is a truly magical experience that immerses you in the breathtaking beauty of the landscape. Located in the Erg Chebbi desert, Merzouga is famous for its towering sand dunes and stunning sunsets. To begin your adventure, you’ll first arrive in the small village of Merzouga, accessible by bus or private transportation. Our team will warmly greet you and introduce you to your camel, which will be your trusted companion throughout the journey.

The sunset camel trek in Merzouga typically commences in the late afternoon, a few hours before sunset. Your guide will provide instructions on mounting and riding the camel, ensuring your comfort and security. As you set off, the rhythmic swaying of the camel and the vast expanse of the desert will captivate your senses. The golden sand dunes stretch in all directions, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that transports you to a different time and place.

While traversing the desert on your camel, you’ll witness the sky’s changing colors as the sun begins its descent. Gradually, the horizon becomes enveloped in rich hues of orange, pink, and purple, casting a warm glow over the landscape. Your guide will lead you to a carefully chosen vantage point, where you can dismount and fully embrace the awe-inspiring beauty of the sunset. From this viewpoint, you’ll be treated to a mesmerizing display of nature’s splendor. The sun dips below the dunes, casting long shadows and painting the sky in a symphony of colors.

The tranquility of the desert, combined with the breathtaking scenery, creates a profound moment of serenity and reflection. After the sun has set and the sky transforms into a tapestry of stars, you’ll begin your return journey to Merzouga. Depending on your chosen tour, you may spend the night in a desert camp, indulging in traditional Moroccan cuisine, listening to enchanting music, and marveling at the star-studded sky. Alternatively, you can head back to Merzouga and retreat to comfortable accommodations.

A sunset camel trek in the Merzouga Desert offers a remarkable experience that connects you with nature, allows you to appreciate the desert’s beauty, and creates lasting memories of the enchanting Moroccan scenery.

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Note that camel ride can be arranged for watching sunet or sunrise,and you customize it by yourself.

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